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Hi, I’m a newly minted PhD student (as of October ’12) having just completed an MSc in ‘Bioinformatics and Theoretical Systems Biology’ at Imperial College, London—incidentally, a great course if you’re interested in that sort of thing (course info). Before that, I enjoyed a Biology undergraduate degree at the University of York. During those long summer holidays I was lucky to spend a few months at the Sanger institute on an undergraduate placement and while there I saw some awesome science which helped me decide to pursue a career in computational biology research.

My current work is, in the broadest possible terms, applying bioinformatics techniques to huge buckets of data in the hope of advancing a systems-level understanding of chromatin features in human genetic regulation. This will involve lots of R and probably a good amount of Python, but I’m keen to learn new tools too (C++?  Maybe some day…).

@benjaminlmoore 09/10/2012

The header image is adapted from a transmission electron micrograph of decondensed chromatin from Gallus gallus erythrocyte nuclei (source).